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Anritsu MS2720T Spectrum Analyzers

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Anritsu MS2720T Spectrum Master High Performance Spectrum Analyzer

Operating convenience is of paramount importance when equipment is used in the field.

To achieve greater operating convenience several parameters are tied to related parameters. The input attenuation value by default is tied to the reference level, reducing the number of parameters a field technician may have to set. Also the RBW/VBW ratio and the span/RBW ratio default to values that meet most userメs needs but can be changed by users to meet specific needs, further easing the technicianメs burden and reducing the chances of errors.

Measurement flexibility is important for lab use. Resolution bandwidth and video bandwidth can be independently set to meet a userメs measurement needs. In addition the input attenuator value can be set by the user and the preamplifier can be turned on or off as needed.

For maximum flexibility, sweeping can be set to free run, or to do a single sweep. In zero span, the sweep can free run, be set to trigger when a signal meets or exceeds a certain power level or it can be externally triggered.

Anritsu MS2720T

Whether your need is for spectrum monitoring, hidden signal detection, RF and microwave signal measurements, microwave backhaul testing or cellular signal measurements, the Spectrum Master family gives you the tools you need to make the job easier and more productive. Improved phase noise and faster sweep speeds earn this instrument a home on the lab bench for general purpose spectrum analyzer measurements.

The built-in AM/FM/SSB demodulator simplifies the job of identifying interfering signals.

Fast Sweep
The new fast sweep mode has the paradigm busting capability to set resolution bandwidth from 10 MHz to 30 kHz with very little effect on sweep speed. The sweep speed with a 30 kHz bandwidth is about the same as it is when using a 10 MHz RBW. You can now select your sensitivity without the need for long sweep times.

Burst Detect
Being able to reliably detect bursty signals is vital in the efforts to find intermittent or bursty emitters. Using burst detect, emitters as narrow as 200 µs can be captured the first time, every time.

Touch Screen
The MS2720T includes a touch screen user interface. On the touch screen menu the user can add shortcut buttons for any menu button or file on the instrument. Using this capability, a setup file can be recalled with a single press of the touch screen.

Finding Signals
Hidden transmitters can be challenging to find, especially if they are operating at frequencies very near a high power transmitter. With Spectrum Master you get the powerful combination of low phase noise, wide RBW range down to 1 Hz, and wide dynamic range. Even if a transmitter is hidden within 10 Hz of a strong AM carrier, it can be seen with Spectrum Master. The trace display choices and detector choices combine to make it easy to detect intermittent signals in the presence of steady signals and burst detect makes direction finding bursty signals easier than it has ever been.

Measurements, limit lines, JPEG screen shots and setup files can be stored internally or to an external USB memory. There is sufficient internal memory to store thousands of spectrum analyzer traces. By using external USB memory, tens of thousands of measurements, limit lines and setup files or hundreds of JPEG screen shots can be saved and easily transferred onto a computer.

Smart Measurements
The Spectrum Master family has dedicated routines for one-button measurements of field strength, channel power, occupied bandwidth, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) and C/I. These are increasingly critical measurements for todayメs wireless communication systems. The simple interface for these complex measurements significantly reduces test time and increases analyzer usability.


Occupied Bandwidth
This measurement determines the amount of spectrum used by a modulated signal. You can choose between two different methods of determining bandwidth: the percent of power method or the モxヤ dB down method, where モxヤ can be from 1 dB to 100 dB down the skirts of the signal.


  • Tracking Generators that cover 9, 13 and 20 GHz!
  • Burst Detect included with every instrument
  • Dynamic Range greater than 106 dB
  • Touch Screen User Interface
  • Display modes for daylight visibility, color, monochrome and night vision

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